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J, K & H (TR)

Ayşe Erkmen, heykel nosyonunun temel kuralları olan oran, boyut, maddesellik, nesnesizlik gibi kavramları sorgulayarak, mekânlar içinde, mekâna özgü ve özgül eserler üretir.

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I have been collaborating with Per Huttner on a series of performative interventions and a trilogie of a play in five acts.

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Published in THINK! THINK! THINK!, 5 year book of press to exit Project Space, edited by Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska, November, 2009, p:21-44

I have always been fond of multiple choice crime novels, where the narrative is broken into parts for the reader’s active involvement.

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0K – A play in Five Acts

// Performed with Per Huttner, at Flat Time House, London. //

Act 1 -At the Flat House # 2

Fatos: Welcome all, today we have gathered together to allow ourselves from our time and space outside to immense into norms of artistic and curatorial practice, in the way in which the practice is formed and formulated through conditions of investigating ‘notions as such’.

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