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Interview with Monitoimitila O.

The dynamism of CHART Art Fair this year was also supported by the inclusion of 11 artist initiatives from the Nordic Region. Monitoimitila O. as a newly formed artist collective from Helsinki, responded to the invitation with a gesture of giving. Instead of bring artworks to display, they brought a publication as artwork which was distributed throughout the fair days to audiences visiting from near and far. The publication collated multifarious artistic positions and practices that the collective embodies, where a collision and conversation between these practices resulted in their culmination as image and text. The gentle insertion of their interest in artmaking and their open approach to cross pollination of ideas through sharing of bodily, and discursive artistic inquiry was surfacing on the pages of their contribution to the fair and to the conversations that the fair hosted and generated.

Interview with members of Monitoimitila O. composed of artists Pipsu Isola, Tomi Lauri, Arttu Partinen, Sini Pelkki, Kati Ruohomäki, Taneli Rautiainen, Hermanni Saarinen, Masi Tiitta and Jenni Toikka.

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Genis Aci, Contributing Writer

Regular writer, researcher 2001-2005 (the magazine has closed down in 2006 due to financial constraints)

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Hashtag biennale 519,024 posts (May 12, 2020)

I must admit that, upon receiving the invitation from the Board of Editors of the OnCurating journal, I did not expect the level of challenge I was signing myself up to. The simple task of selecting 50 images was further complicated when I was also asked to reflect on and speculate about the direction that the art world is currently embracing.

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