Notes From a Grainy Surface

// Part of A Clock That Runs on Mud, curated by Jennifer Teets for Nero Magazine, July 2011.//

with Per Huttner

Dear Readers,
We are happy to announce that you have the privilege to follow the first ever time-space-gravity-experiment in the world’s largest virtual Mud Clock. The research will be carried out by the brave reporter team Per Huttner and Fatos Ustek who will be writing on site and on an everyday basis.

Huttner and Ustek left their homes and research centres on July 15, kissing goodbye to their loved ones before starting their experimental journey that will last for 42 days. Their journey will take place in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN which has been filled with a form of virtual sulphured earth that will allow them to investigate the limits of temporality and the boundaries of reality.

The duo will carry out experiments for the implementation of an absolute accurate clock that will not only be correct for the present, but for of all times and all dimensions. Huttner and Ustek will be travelling at 16,67% of the speed of light and will be communicating simultaneously using multiple forms time-keepers and means of communication.

During the experiment the duo will be eating balanced Time Smoothies to counteract the osmotic and speed induced pressure of their bodies. The Smoothies will provide a higher density in their digestive-tract and will provide a counter-pressure to outside and hence lead to the equanimity of an atmosphere.

For your thirsty brains we have offered the research material for the first 7 days below. This will also counteract the fact that the duo will be travelling at 16,67% of the speed of light which means that there is a 7 day difference between the time experienced on the journey and the time experienced by the readers.

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