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Artist Talk with Yukako Tanaka

On the occasion of her solo show at the Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation, London

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Diagrammatic Entanglements

In collaboration with artist Nikolaus Gansterer, commissioned by Arts Cabinet

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BBC2 Newsnight, April 2021

BBC Newsnight guest questions whether museums will become Covid ‘memorials’
A BBC Newsnight guest has questioned the current role of museums, arguing that they should not be expected to act as “memorials” of the coronavirus pandemic.

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An exceptional leading voice in contemporary art with international experience including directing art institutions in the UK (Liverpool Biennial; The Roberts Institute of Art), curating mid to large-scale, not-for-profit exhibitions (fig-2 50 exhibitions 50 weeks, 2015, ICA), festivals (Art Night 2017, London), artistically and curatorially leading and managing biennials (11th Liverpool Biennial, UK; 10th Gwangju Biennial, South Korea), and commissioning artists in the public realm (Nathan Coley, Liverpool, 2020; Do Ho Suh, London, 2018-20). Furthermore, Üstek has been recognised as an influential thinker in the sector, through the projects she curated, books and monographs she published, as well as the guest writing she had done for art magazines, exhibition catalogs, academic publications (Curating Companion, Blackwell, 2020), ands organising seminars (Miart Talks, 2018, Milan) and training workshops (Art Fund Curatorial Workshops, 2015) for peers and colleagues.

Üstek is currently working on a new model for art institutions, to be published as a book in 2023, commissioning artworks for the Nine Elms area in London, curating international projects and lecturing at international conferences and events. She is founding co-director of FRANK Fair Artist Pay, with artists Anne Hardy and Lindsay Seers.

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