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The Spectral Ear

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A hearing aid. Perhaps not the most obvious choice for an erotic item. Yet, as Fatoş Üstek finds, deep listening is essential to unlocking the full potential of our carnal selves. After all, the ears are said to be among the most sensitive of the erogenous zones. Turning her high-tech prosthetic off, Fatoş’ protagonist – our sensual narrator of this auditory realm – discovers she can hear hallucinations: spectral, sonic apparitions emerging from the noiselessness. Immersed in silence, she contemplates neurology and physics – the fact that the universe, like sound waves, is composed entirely of vibrations. Electrified by this cosmic energy, we begin to sense each other differently, newly attentive to the liveliness of connective matter.

Many thanks to Wellcome Collection, London, Mark Watts of for the archival material of the writer and theologian Alan Watts, and Jonie for her autonomous sensory meridian response recording. Soundscape by The God in Hackney. Editing and sound design by Tobias Withers. Introduction and outro voiced by Johnny Vivash.

Produced by the Extra Extra team.

Event Horizon

Event is a thing that happens or takes place, marked by its levels of significance; it is the momentous imprint of planned or unplanned happenings that can have a social or a public occasion, sensual or rational manifestation, may assume a particular context in which it emerges.

Sugar Rush

In celebration of Extra Extra’s five-year anniversary, I invited friends, artists and previous contributors to share bites of everyday exuberance, luscious anecdotes, and sensual antidotes of time passing by and under the covers of our books.

Do you Want to Play?

Do you like the idea that play permeates play? How can we involve ourselves in an activity that ever-repeats itself without there being an authenticity as such? How is it possible that each and every iteration of an event is unique, but compliant with a structure that only emerges within the modes of engagement with it? We are not talking about something that is outside of the everyday.

Principles of Pleasure

Pleasure is a double bind. Its inherent quality of finitude keeps you under the influence. It attracts and repels at all times. Perhaps it is a continuous engagement and negotiation between the corporeal and the intellect. The physicality of the encounter that triggers pleasure melds with the intellectual stimulation brought forward by the immediate aesthetic appreciation.

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