J, K & H (ENG)

Ayşe Erkmen employs the investigation of elementary rules of sculpture such as proportion, dimension, materiality and abstractness to produce site-specific, site-located and site-immanent works. For Erkmen who chooses to create her exhibitions through a minimal act, the luxury of not bringing an object to the exhibition venue is an important element for some specific situations. (1)
Erkmen’s artistic practice manifests in the here and now, embracing the effect of temporariness and the transiency on the work of art—even more importantly on the agency of the work of art in its own creation. Erkmen renders the moment of encounter between the work of art and its viewer unique. There appears a contextually detached production between the experiencing and the retrospective reconstruction of her works through documentation. When the viewer encounters the work, s/he remains subject to an experience of the here and now, while the ideational path of that experience reproduces the works. (2)

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Published in ARTER Second Exhibition Second Book, 2011