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Aphorisms on Air

Commissioned and published by DOMA magazine.

Home is in the sensuous space. It belongs to the emotional spheres of individuals.

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Quantum Fluctuations in a Synecdochic Universe

“In a mapped configuration of time-space, OuUnPo lands at a temporary shift in the magnitudes of entropy and gravity. It is one in a multitude and finds itself when the unknown starts.

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Workshop for Idiots, Kunsthalle Luzern

Luzern – 3 June 2009 – 5 July 2009
Love in the age of postponed democracy, the critical crisis. – Was kann heut Liebe alles (nicht mehr)?
Behavior workshop for Idiots” from May 25, Monday, till June 1, Monday.

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The Lost Moment is the lost moment is the…

//Component of The Lost Moment, Berlin – see Exhibitions//

Ed. Fatos Ustek in Collaboration with Bik Van der Pol

The Concept of The Book:
The playful state of the sovereign in the 90’s, during a period of simulacra and simulation, is being shaken by the uprising call for the real today.

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Published in THINK! THINK! THINK!, 5 year book of press to exit Project Space, edited by Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska, November, 2009, p:21-44

I have always been fond of multiple choice crime novels, where the narrative is broken into parts for the reader’s active involvement.

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