The Lost Moment is the lost moment is the…

//Component of The Lost Moment, Berlin – see Exhibitions//

Ed. Fatos Ustek in Collaboration with Bik Van der Pol

The Concept of The Book:
The playful state of the sovereign in the 90’s, during a period of simulacra and simulation, is being shaken by the uprising call for the real today.
The social structure formed through the projection of the decisions made on local and global domains play an effective role on the society and its realms. The decisions have been reflected through manipulated data. The specific time and space frame of decision making appears to be invisible in relation to the process of its realization and plays an effective role on structuring the society, social understanding, the dialogue, the evaluation and devaluation of events taking place and the passive-active involvement of the individuals.
Within the massive flow of information on a specific event, the decisions being made, appear to be not there, not here, not there of… So that the fragmented state of knowledge is no longer satisfactory for constructing an understanding of the relations.

The Manifestation of The Book:
Deriving from the openness of the concept, as Fatos Ustek, Liesbeth Bik  and Jos Van der Pol, we have decided to open the book to contributions from various backgrounds. In our decision process, the people who are actively producing in their field and taking a critical stance have been the important aspect. Thus we have invited artists, art historians, anthropologists, composers, academicians to make a contribution of printable material that will be collected in a book.
The book is an autonomous entity that defines itself through the contributions. The size of the book is especially chosen to be easy to get in and to keep wondering through pages.
The contributions have been colected and all have been through a digestion of the wording the lost moment and reflecting upon. Thus the wording becomes like a saying which is enriched by multitude of perspectives and derivations.

Contributions by: Dilek Huseyinzadegan / Bik Van der Pol / Sibel Irzik / Fatos Ustek / Renee Gabri / Ayreen Anastas / Katarina Zdjelar / Raimundas Malasauskas / Juul Hondius / Jun Yang / Banu Cennetoglu / Anita di Bianco / Shep Steiner / Jason Coburn / Adel Abidin / Man Ray Hsu & Maren Richter / Libia Castro & Olafur Olafsson / Arnoud Holleman / Babak Afrassiabi & Nasrin Tabatabai / Ariane Müller / Eva-Maria Kollischan / Carla Ahlander & Gernot Wieland / Heman Chong / Marc Volk / Runo Lagomarsino / Yane Calovski / Peter Lütje / Binna Choi / Sven Lütticken / Mary Bouquet / Aslı Çavusoglu / Gülçin Aksoy / Sarah Pierce / Jan Kopp

The Designer: Image-Shift
sandy k. / kaltenborn
körtestrasse 10
10967 berlin / germany
++49 – (0)30 – 69 50 86 83
The Size:  17 x 24 cm
The Number of Prints: 1000