Published in THINK! THINK! THINK!, 5 year book of press to exit Project Space, edited by Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska, November, 2009, p:21-44

I have always been fond of multiple choice crime novels, where the narrative is broken into parts for the reader’s active involvement. That is to say, while you are reading a story on a burglary you come across a note: ‘if you think the cook is the thief then jump to page 64’, and you are asked to continue reading from that assigned page; but if you think the gardener has committed the crime you are asked to continue reading from page 47. I have never been good at this. I could never follow the instructions because I was always so curious about the other possibilities; hence I would read the whole book which would make no sense in the end since the narrative would be overly fragmented and repetitive. And then I would force myself to decide on one of the options and try to go from there and finish the book. But that has never been the case. In this text I will be introducing several arguments around the tricotomy of artist, curator and critic while visiting other positions and roles in the domain of visual cultures. While I am asking you to follow my line of thought I would like to provide you with a sense
of freedom through marking jumps for the cases of agreement and disagreement, interest and indifference, curiosity and disengagement.

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