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A Universe Supplementary to This One / Bu Evrene Ek bir Evren

Sanatçılar / Artists: Fatih Alkan, Heman Chong, Ceren Oykut, Manuela Ribadeneira, Ekin Saclioglu, Wouter Venema

30.01.2014 – 01.03.2014

X-ist, Istanbul

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Le Jardin de la Spéculation Cosmique

Artists | Haluk Akakçe, Hüseyin Çağlayan, Arik Levy, Serkan Özkaya & George L. Legendre, Ali Emir Tapan, Evren Tekinoktay, Elif Uras, Nil Yalter

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The dwelling is (the/a) place I may hesitate between worlds

This text is commissioned for the exhibition catalogue of Hayal Incedogan, Wild is the Wind, at Operation Room, American Hospital, Istanbul.

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Nowiswere Unpublished Issue #2

Expanding Nowiswere’s publishing practices to outside The Internet, The Unpublished Issue is an undocumented live event that enables the editors and contributors of Nowiswere to meet and engage face-to-face with each other and members of the general public.

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