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A Triathlon of Continuation – Second Leg

September 29th,                               INTUITION – REACTION – EMOTION

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A Triathlon of Continuation

The triathlon entails three consecutive meetings over the course of six weeks taking place between 17:00 – 18:30 on:

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The Tricothomy of Now at D R U G G

(Diagram Research, Use & Generation Group)
Open Symposium

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Internal Mapping Inordial is a Temporary Duodecuple

Informal group discussion on the subject of writing within contemporary art practice- how do we as viewers, readers and witnesses dissect alternative information and knowledge from a given presentation or written account? Contributions from London based curators Fatos Ustek and Nico de Oliveira as well as Amber Ablett and Eloise Jones.

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Time Capsules… Revisited

The talk on 16.March 2012 at Norrkopings KonstMuseum entailed a revisit of the 2 year research/production project

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