A Triathlon of Continuation – Second Leg

September 29th,                               INTUITION – REACTION – EMOTION


1. Choose a small group of friends – as many as you can accommodate comfortably in your living room. Please be advised to pick friends who are fun, easy going and fond of literature.

2. Invite your friends over at an available time

3. Ask friends for rsvp to make sure on the number of arrivals

4. If more than 40% of your invitees cannot make it, choose a second round of friends who would compliment the existing group.

5. Check if you have as many sleeping masks as the number of your guests. If not ask your friends to come along with a scarf of their choice.

6. Purchase a bag of tea of your liking.

7. Visit a bookshop of your choice, better if you have your regular, for It’s Getting Later all the Time by Antonio Tabucchi.

8. Read the book and make a selection of three letters out of 18.

1. Wait until 65% of your invitees arrive.

2. Do not announce what is about to take place.

3. Ask your friends to blind fold themselves. Help if necessary.

4. Keep silence from now on.

5. Take a friend at a time up and walk through the living room to seat them while holding both of his/her hands.

6. Make sure everybody is comfortable

7. Take your time.

8. After all of your friends have been re-seated by yourself, take a seat.

9. Read the first letter of your choice at your own pace

10. Make your friends the tea and serve them in silence

11. Read the second letter of your choice

12. Light a scent or scented candle.

13. Read the third letter
Recommendations of the House:

Tea: Gen Mai Cha – You can find at Japanese Centres in your town unless you are already living in Japan.

Scent: VanillaScented Candle: Mimosa by Diptyque

Line up for reading: The River, Forbidden Games, Letter to the WindSample

Quote: “Madame, my dear Friend,The way things happen. And what determines their course: a trifle. It’s something I read, and now I’m thinking about it. And then: are we the seekers or the sought? We ought to reflect upon this too. For example, a man wanders, of an evening, through streets and cafes, roaming aimlessly, as I do because I suffer from insomnia. At least I used to have Bobi: I would put on his leash and take him for a walk, it was an excuse. Now that he’s dead, I don’t even have that excuse anymore. I go here and there without logic, I hang out in the bistros until closing time, and then I get up and walk. The doctor told me: you are a classic case of homo melancholicus. But Dürer drew melancholy seated, I objected, for melancholy you need a chair…” p.31


“Each meeting differs in kind while addressing the notion of duration from complementary features. During each meeting, we will explore composite dimensions in cerebral and physical immersion in the concept of time and experience.

The event Intuition – Reaction – Emotion is the Second part of the Triathlon curated and led by Fatos Ustek, a programme developed as a composite element of DURATION [26.07.2012 – 19.10.2012] curated by Rose Lejeune.

The event will explore phases and Stages of the slippage of the past onto the present as Event. 90 minutes will introduce composite sensations of endurance while it gets later all the time.

As part of A.P.T Gallery’s newly launched Curatorial Fellowship and supported by the Arts Council England, [26.07.2012 – 19.10.2012] looks at time and process as both material and curatorial concerns.

Changing and evolving over time, the exhibition is an entity without strict borders, comprised of installations and artworks, events and programmes, some that will remain for the entirety of the project, and others that will appear only briefly.

For further Information visit duration-apt-gallery.tumblr.com/