Internal Mapping Inordial is a Temporary Duodecuple

Informal group discussion on the subject of writing within contemporary art practice- how do we as viewers, readers and witnesses dissect alternative information and knowledge from a given presentation or written account? Contributions from London based curators Fatos Ustek and Nico de Oliveira as well as Amber Ablett and Eloise Jones.

The interactive presentation is specially compiled for Reading Complex Act I & II as a game: Internal Mapping Inordial is a Temporary Duodecuple. The audience is asked to draw a word (from a draw of 24 words) or a calculation sheet (from a draw of 12 sheets with 2 questions on each sheet leading clarity or confusion) or leave it to Bob (throw a pair of dice). Upon their choices, the audience is asked to either speak a sentence or ask a question using the word they drew, or share the result of their calculation, or throw the dice. In relation to what audience brings on the table, the speaker responds from the set of her writings presented on the table. The responses follow as an introduction to the piece that corresponds the audience’s contribution and reading an excerpt from the piece. Some of the pieces involve exercises or drinking whiskey, or smoking cigarettes, or change of reader, in their specificity.

The duration of the game: 24 min

The Set of source texts:

Twilight Club (on Nevin Aladag //unpublished//)
Cosmic Game of Utter Spectacle (on Jacopo Miliani’s solo exhibition at Frutta Gallery, Rome)
Aphorisms on Air (on the notion of ‘home’)
J, K & H (on Ayse Erkmen’s work with the same title)
We might not know who on Earth Mr. B is, but we are free to think of him as a medium-size Klein bottle. (in collaboration with Asli Cavusoglu)
Book of Confusions (on confusions and clarity, ontology and relationship of things)
Notes from a Grainy Surface (on time and clocks, in collaboration with Per Huttner)
Moment Over Time Records Proudly Presents: It is Now or Never a.k.a In the Pursuit of Now (on ‘now’)
Domestic Sculpture Garden (on Michael Strasser’s recent body of work)
Dwelling is (a/the) place I might hesitate between worlds (on Hayal Incedogan’s solo exhibition at Operation Room, Istanbul)
Trilogy: 0K, Liquid Nitrogen, The Encounter (on time, duration and quantum theory, in collaboration with Per Huttner)
Maze (on the relationship of artist, curator and critic)



Reading Complex Act I&II is hosted by The Showroom and part of a curatorial research programme.

Reading Complex is hosted by The Showroom and organised by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk and Catherine Y. Serrano, students on London Metropolitan University’s ‘Curating the Contemporary’ MA course.