Unexpected Encounters

Unexpected Encounters

Situations of Contemporary Art and Architecture Since 2000

DISCLAIMER: This publication is only published in Turkish. English edition was prepared, however did not go to print.

This book is an attempt to bring together a wide selection of artworks that have a strong link with their architectural surroundings and that have been realized since the year 2000. The marking of the year is significant as it highlights the focus on recent productions in the domain of the visual arts, and is aimed at giving an insight in the potential meaning of situations of contemporary art that relate to architecture today.

The publication brings together a collection of works that show a sheer enthusiasm in their relationship with the built environment and its makers. The selection does not only consist of artworks realised outdoors, they are not only sculptural constellations, nor are they traditional monuments or public sculptures. The works explored share the basis of claiming a site, a place, of entangling the notions of surrounding and being surrounded and of challenging the utilitarian and functional expectations from an architectural context.

The selection of works and their order of appearance in this book are led by a curatorial decision that focuses on their established relations with the built environment and the phenomenological shifts they introduce to their audience as they experience it. Each work is accompanied by an informative text, which aims to portray the piece in relation to its location as well as its original concept and social-architectural premise.

The Publication Features works by:
Allora & Calzadilla / Andreas Slominski / Anish Kapoor / Ann Veronica Janssens / Ayse Erkmen / Benjamin Verdonck / Bettina Pousttchi / Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber / Bruce Nauman / Callum Morton / Carsten Holler / Chris Burden / Clemens von Wedemeyer / Cyprian Gaillard / Dan Graham / Dan Havel & Dean Ruck / Do Ho Suh / Doris Salcedo / Elmgreen & Dragset / Gelitin / Gregor Schneider / Heather & Ivan Morrison / Hector Zamora / James Turrell / Janet Echelman / Jenny Holzer / Jeppe Hein / John Kormeling / Jurgen Bey / Langlands & Bell / Maider Lopez / Mandla Reuter / Matthew Ritchie / Michael Asher / Michael Strasser / Monika Sosnowska / Murat & Fuat Sahinler / Nathan Coley / Nevin Aladag / Olafur Eliasson / Peter Fischli & David Weiss / Renata Lucas / Richard Wilson / Roman Ondak / Sarkis / Tatzu Nishi / Tobias Putrih / Tomas Saraceno / Tue Greenfort / Wolfgang Winter & Bertold Horbelt

Contributing Writers: Lorenzo Benedetti, Adam Carr, Max Delany, Jeff Derksen, Jes Fernie, Lorenzo Fusi, Aykut Köksal, Francesco Manacorda, Anna Moszynska, Kathleen Ritter and Arzu Yayıntaş

Book Concept and Design: Bulent Erkmen
PrePress: BEK

© Zorlu Center, 2011