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All the Worlds that you Word, conference at ZKM

All the Worlds that You Word…

Reading, listening and speaking sessions by artists Mounira Al Solh and Lawrence Abu Hamdan.

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An Opera in Five Acts

An Opera in Five Acts” invites you to take part in its course of production. Commissioned for the exhibition A House of Leaves at DRAF,

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Quantum Fluctuations in a Synecdochic Universe

“In a mapped configuration of time-space, OuUnPo lands at a temporary shift in the magnitudes of entropy and gravity. It is one in a multitude and finds itself when the unknown starts.

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  • Added: 16/10/11

Distance to the Past

Per Huttner and Fatos Ustek have surveyed the distance to the past, through a quote, a set of measures (rulers, meters, etc…), while calculating the age of three sips of red wine at Eleusia, in Greece.

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Navigating Extremes 3-4.09.2011


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