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Relatings II

Fatoş Üstek: Our coincidental meeting at the café made a pleasant start.

It will be nice to continue the talk we began there, in detail. I aim to approach this interview from various angles. This exhibition is your first solo exhibition in Turkey in a long time -besides the exhibitions you had at Galerist. In this context, the publication is also significant. Going through the interviews made with you, texts published about your work and the information on you on the internet, it struck me that apart from your major works, your artistic practice is not widely known in Turkey. The sculpture in Tünel is your best-known and most widely discussed work. Thinking along these lines, I hope this interview will be significant in making visible the dynamics of your production. Additionally I aim this interview to take place in a conversation-like basis instead of the monotony of question and answer. I will try to evoke issues relating to your works, tendencies in art production and general concepts in relation to your art practice.

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