0K – A play in Five Acts

// Performed with Per Huttner, at Flat Time House, London. //

Act 1 -At the Flat House # 2

Fatos: Welcome all, today we have gathered together to allow ourselves from our time and space outside to immense into norms of artistic and curatorial practice, in the way in which the practice is formed and formulated through conditions of investigating ‘notions as such’.

The dialogue with Per started just more than a year ago during a workshop in Switzerland. First, being involved in installing his work without yet knowing its content through sticking letters on the walls – which I think I am quite capable at, continued through conversing on a variety of things.
Today we will start with showing you a piece by Per and before we start the screening I kindly like to introduce myself and per.
I am Fatos Ustek, independent art critic and curator currently living in London. I am founder and editor of nowiswere with artist&writer Veronika Hauer. I am interested and kind of obsessed with the conditions of ‘now ‘ and the possibility of being present in the present moment and its possible meaning. In other words, my investigation and practice lies solely on the questioning of ‘now’ which for me stands for a space rather than a point in space. Now is a bracket – an incomplete field…
Per, would you introduce yourself to us in your own words?

I am an artist and I live in Paris. My artistic practice is focused on digging out spaces of personal freedom. It looks at change, transformation and how knowledge is used and misused and how we can use art to find individual and visionary paths that can help my audience to grow and develop and find alternative ways to navigate in our society.

thank you. Let us know screen an excerpt from Per Huttner’s Do not go gentle.