The Lost Moment

//Part of NowExpanded Trilogy//

The Lost Moment31.05 – 07.07.2007, GfKfB, Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin

Artists: Ahmet Ogut, Annika Lundgren, Bankleer, Bashir Borlakov, Dani Gal, Florian Wüst, Kirstine Roepstorrf, Zbigniew Libera

Sessions With: Sibel Irzik, Dan Smith, Gusztav Hamos, Nikola Dietrich, Mari Brellochs, Tobias Hering, Shannon Bool, artists of the exhibition

Film Excursions by Tobias Hering

Publication With Bik van der Pol

The Lost Moment stands for a variety of moments in which the decisive action has been abstracted, made invisible, manipulated during the process of transmission to the society.

Rejecting to be a symptom of a theory complex, the Lost Moment aims to bring out various aspects of the recent history into discussion by engaging artistic practices in a political interrogation.

The Lost Moment stands for variety of moments in which the decisive action has been abstracted, made invisible, manipulated during the process of transmission to the society. The enormous amount of data flow versus the minor amount of knowledge production is the matter of fact of today’s society. Receiving loads of information through various agents and producing from it an approximation of knowledge, creates the false consciousness typical for in today’s society.

The Lost Moment tends to underline the positioning of the political decisions in the last fifteen years within the processes of decision-making and the reflections of those decisions onto the society. In the last 25 years, the decisions made for large-scale social changes have been reflected through manipulated acts and data. Thus the decisions appear to be abstracted from their realms or at least unrelated to their process and infra-structure. The specific time and space frame of decision-making appears to be invisible in relation to the process of its realization. More importantly, the decisions made on local and global political domains play an effective role on structuring the society and social understanding, thus on the evaluation and devaluation of events taking place. The construction of social belonging in accordance with the decision-making mechanisms structures the dialogue, the understanding, the passive-active involvement of the individuals.

Within the massive flow of information on a specific event, the decisions being made, appear to be not there, not here, not there of… That is to say, the concept of the sovereign in political theory is currently experiencing a turn over.

In the modern era, concept of the sovereign was identified with the state and the apparatuses of the state. The playful state of the sovereign in the 90’s, during a period of simulacra and simulation, is being shaken by the uprising call for the real today. The fragmented state of knowledge is no longer satisfactory for constructing an understanding of the whole picture.

The Lost Moment is not a hysterical yearning for the past, is a proposal to look back and see today.

Commissioned Works: Dani Gal, Talking Mountain of Israel, installation, 2007 commissioned text The Fly-Effect by Yuval Benziman and Annika Lundgren, Magic & Politics, video and posters for take away, 2007
Kirstine Roepstorff, Study of Anthropology and Human Kind, installation, series of collages, 2007
Courtesy Peres Projects, Los Angeles Berlin Florian Wust, Belated Advocacy, installation, series of drawings, video animations and photocopies, 2007

Works: Bashir Borlakov, Panorama 4, Photography, Size Variable from the series of five, 2007 bankleer, REALE RESTE / REAL REMNANTS, video installation, 2005 Ahmet Ogut, The book of the lost world, drawing book, 3 editions, 2005 Zbigniew Libera, Che, 500 postcards for take away, 2002