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Art Talks @ Shoreditch House with Louise O’Kelley (2014 – )

Art Talks is a series of presentations and conversations by some of the most exciting artists,
curators, gallerists and other art professionals working in the field today
speaking about cutting edge practices and current trends in contemporary art.
Organised and moderated by Louise O’Kelly, Artforum’s representative for the UK & Ireland,
founder of Block Universe Performance Art Festival, and Fatos Ustek, independent curator and writer. Held at Shoreditch House since July 2014, the series have been exploring contemporary artistic, curatorial and philanthropic practice with a special focus on Women in the Arts and 90s London Art Scene.

Andrea Schlieker (09.03.2020); RoseLee Goldberg (30.09.2018); Shezad Dawood (24.07.2018); Frances Morris (15.05.2018); Anna Somers Cocks (27.03.2018);  Jake Chapman and Funhole, Molejoy (25.01.2018); SPIT! (Carlos Motta, John Arthur Peets, Carlos Maria Romero) (01.10.2017); Adham Faramawy, Rosie Hastings & Hannah Quinlan (18.05.2017); Stephanie Rosenthal and Noor Afshan (23.03.2017): Attilia Fattori Fanchini and David Gryn (12.01.2017); Vanessa Carlos & Rozsa Farkas & Stephan Tanvin Sawstrawidjaja (13.09.2016); Ravioli me Away, Charismatic Megafauna (27.05.2016) Iwona Blazwick (14.03.2016), Candida Gertler & Valeria Napoleone (20.11.2015); Hannah Barry & Kirsten Dunne & Nikola Lees (25.09.2015), Caroline Douglas & Maureen Paley & Catherine Wood (13.03.2015); Stephen Cairns (18.11.2014); Celia Hempton & Prem Sahib (23.09.2014); Pilvi Takala & Julia Crabtree & Will Evans (31.07.2014)

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Progress 1000 London’s Most Influential People

The Progress 1000 is a list of 1,000 people published annually by tabloid newspaper The London Evening Standard.

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Progress 1000

Featured in the London’s top influencers 2017 – Visualisers: Artists & Curators

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