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Europe – A Grand Narrative

// Exhibited in Solo Exhibition of Ozlem Gunyol & Mustafa Kunt, be-cause at Basis, Frankfurt am Main. //

I have been working on this text over and over and started to rewrite every time I felt the need of saying and stating more. Europe and Europeanness and to become a European, to be part of such gathering and to be a member of such state of belonging evoke many fields of understanding. That has been the challenge of this text and the excitement of the process.
Avrupa-lı-las-tı-r-abil-di-k-leri-m-iz-de-n-mi-sin-iz? (Are you one of among whom we were able to make to become European) is a collaborative work by Özlem Günyol and Mustafa Kunt, which has been realised as an installation in Frankfurt am Main, last year.