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Event Horizon

Event is a thing that happens or takes place, marked by its levels of significance; it is the momentous imprint of planned or unplanned happenings that can have a social or a public occasion, sensual or rational manifestation, may assume a particular context in which it emerges.

Sugar Rush

In celebration of Extra Extra’s five-year anniversary, I invited friends, artists and previous contributors to share bites of everyday exuberance, luscious anecdotes, and sensual antidotes of time passing by and under the covers of our books.

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Principles of Pleasure

Pleasure is a double bind. Its inherent quality of finitude keeps you under the influence. It attracts and repels at all times. Perhaps it is a continuous engagement and negotiation between the corporeal and the intellect. The physicality of the encounter that triggers pleasure melds with the intellectual stimulation brought forward by the immediate aesthetic appreciation.