Sefer Memisoglu, Rendering Rome, 2008

Sefer Memisoglu works with film within the genre of film-making and video art. Memisoglu’s pieces provide a filmic experience whereas the continuity is mapped with contextualisation of existences. Rendering Rome is a prologue to a city in itself and as such. Today’s cities are rather megalopolises where they function as a hub of movement and encounter. In Rendering Rome, we gaze at an idea of a city like an object of some sort. The city is like an entity that belongs to us, that gets cleaned, polished, and ready to host the activities within. The tramways rendered through the night not only enable continuity of movement but also the pace of living. The night and the day of the city appear as a duality with the seen and the unseen, the visible and the invisible through the positioning of subjectivities. Rendering Rome positions the city more than a mere container of inhabitants but an activation ground of subjectivities.
Additionally, although the piece has been produced in Netherlands, it is titled in reference to another city: Rome, the first city that has been ever planned in human civilisation. The piece connects the idea of the first city and projects on today via abstraction of movement and free associations.