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Ryan Gander’s Night School at the ICA, London

Since its beginning in 2010, Ryan Gander’s Night School programme,

held monthly at his studio in East London, has sought to give speakers an informal, salonesque platform to present whatever they like – new ideas, old ideas, bad ideas or thoughts in progress. For the month of August Ryan Gander’s Night school will return to the public realm with artist Raimundas Malasauskas and Fatos Ustek, independent curator and critic.


Short excerpt from the TaLK—–

The Moment over Time Records Proudly Presents:

Nothing Compares a.k.a. Now Generation


I’d like to start with thanks to Ryan Gander for his invitation, Phil and John from Gander Studio and ICA.

This is the second compilation of ‘now’s that the moment over time records have released*. The divisions of the moment, time, duration, coherency and now will be many among others that we visit today.

What is now, what does it entails, can we imagine a constellation of time without a linear togetherness of a past and future.

What if there is no time and what if there is no past and future but all existing in a single moment: the now.


How is your relationship with calculations and numbers? I have prepared 21 entries for my title and will be revealing them as many as I can in 20 minutes.

The numbers of my entries are all prime numbers between 10 and 100. I ask you to give me the number of entry.

Does anybody need a short introduction on what is prime number?

Prime number is a natural number – thus bigger than zero and is only divisible by itself and 1. Hence 9 is not a prime number but 3 is.

So here we go, who wants to pick the first number?



* See: The Moment over Time Records Proudly Presents: It is Now or Never a.k.a. In the Pursuit of Now,

published in 6th Momentum Biennial Reader Imagine Being Here Now.