Ryan Gander

Ryan Gander’s two-channel video installation entitled Ghostwriter Subtext (Towards a significantly more plausible interrobang), 2006 is a filmed interview made in a studio set that involves three participants, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Rem Koolhaas and an interviewer. The three cameras filming the actions are each located in a one-to-one relation to each of the three persons. During the talk, we learn that the interview is taking place in London and supposedly during the Frieze Art Fair. The interview is about making an interview about an interview and the interviewer makes a long introduction about the possibility of making an interview about an interview and Hans Ulrich Obrist intervenes with his massive experience of such states. The topic of the talk is very close to Obrist’s conceptual attitude towards exhibition making. Rem Koolhaas, on the other hand, quietly comments and displays his good listener attitude until the long explanations of Obrist start to bore him. At that moment Koolhaas interrupts Obrist and makes his own statement about what could be the interview about an interview with its possible outcomes. The interview takes place in a silent tension and on a dry ground that the participants’ boredom transmits. Hence the whole piece is about dialogue and monologue and the borderline of the boredom-line.

Ryan Gander approaches the implementation of conceptual thinking in the production of discourses. And this in a way that reflects the strength of the viewer, which consists in continuing to listen – in this case for example artists, art students, curators, semi-interested art followers. The piece is a delicate critique of being drowned by pretentious intelligensia. The video shown on the small screen on the wall especially underlines the intention of the artist through disassociating with what is being said in the projected video.