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Raimundas Malasauskas interview

// Published in Mousse Magazine, 11 May 2011.//

Raimundas Malasauskas talks to Fatos Ustek who just came back from a silence retreat.

R: What is an experience of silence together?

F: The challenge is bigger. as well as the estrangement. It is not a singleton of a duration of depression. you are there..you see things and you only observe, you don’t respond or recollect. you let things pass you by..I think it is the physical experience of the temporality of things, events, happenings, situations, occurrences, feelings, sensations. I need to add that you are not allowed to read, write, listen songs or watch films, so basically no input and the exterior world is put on halt. when you are amongst others you are left to construct your private zone and actually only live in it hence you get to know the territory of your ‘self’ – the walls of your world. and on the other side, it is a continuous process of alienation since you are mute and you are doomed to be mute – you cannot share anything and this is the challenge. you cannot victimize yourself or glorify some kind of joyous moments of presence. you are there on your own with your misery that cannot be communicated hence cannot be shared thus multiplied. you are in the sea of your solitude swimming along other seas..

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