Time-Space Short Circuits

Over the last years, Paulina Olowska has made a name for herself in the international contemporary art scene.
Recently, her first solo exhibition in New York at Metro Pictures bridged the style and aesthetics of 60s propaganda between the East and West, namely the US and the Soviet Bloc, as well as exploited the underground punk movement in Poland during the 80s. The exhibition Nowa Scena focused on two publications: Soviet Life (a Soviet publication intended for distribution in the US) and Amerika (a periodical distributed in Soviet countries). The imagery found in these two publications was carried over in her paintings, drawings, and collages.
A variety of media such as painting, collage, installation, and performance are employed by Olowska; she restages, remakes, reconfigures, unites, bridges modern concepts, and reconsiders definitions and objects of culture.

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