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On Passengers by Esra Ersen

A megalopolis. A city of dreams. A desired city to visit. A must to see.
A city of pleasures. A city that is both East and West. A city of mixture and craze.
A city of hills. A city that never sleeps. A city that culture flows in its pipes.
A city that promises.

This prologue to Istanbul is a compilation of its representative sentences that formulate rather a fantasy. As all phantasms have a link to reality these sentences do fulfil their expectations when a certain face of Istanbul is under experience. At the same time, the phantasmal relationship to a city does produce its mismatching mirror images. In other words, the phantasm leads to the experience of the “image-reflected” rather than the “source”. Like love, where the lover’s perception is blinded to receive the loved one as (s)he is, but as how (s)he imagines him/her to be…

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