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Moment over Time Records Proudly Presents*: In a Sentimental Mood a.k.a Treat Yourself to Some Play-Time

” When I first received Constantin Luser’s sketches for his solo exhibition at the Kunsthaus Graz, I was struck by his modality of thinking about the space and the arrangement of a selection of his new and existing works: they are laid out like a biological mapping of a living organism’s cell. Luser’s approach to the Kunsthaus’s amorphous architectural form emphasises the malleability of the space, evincing the organic structuring of its constellation. The curved walls of the space follow the function of skin, containing the relationships established whilst keeping a balance between occurrences on both the inside and outside.



This text is commissioned on the occasion of Constantin Luser. Music Tames the Beast exhibition at Kunsthaus Graz, including contributions by Katrin Bucher Trantow, Thomas Trummer and Fatos Üstek, an interview with the artist by Bettina Steinbrügge and also a fictitious conversation between all those involved in Constantin Luser’s work, facilitated by Katia Huemer. The book will be presented on March 17th 2016 within the framework of an Artist’s Talk and Concert at the Kunsthaus Graz.

Verlag für moderne Kunst GmbH ISBN 978-3-903004-88-7, German/English

The exhibition Constantin Luser. Music Tames the Beast is a comprehensive solo show of the Austrian drawer and artist (*1976 in Graz, lives and works in Vienna). At the centre of the exhibition lies the idea of transforming drawing into the physically discernible world of space, consisting of haptics, sound and movement. Starting from five playable instrument-sculptures, the exhibition opens up the networked, associative, and narrative picture- and thought-world of Constantin Luser, which is able to give structures to life using the means of drawing and music.

Drawing is at the root of every artistic process undertaken by Luser. The drawings can be interpreted as geographical realisations of his thoughts. They are technically complex, with many layers made up of words, digits, symbols, and systems provided with abstract and figurative networks of lines which the artist makes grow into the three-dimensional space. They mutate into installations, sculptures, films and performances. For some years, music has played a larger role in Luser’s works on account of its emotional immediacy – he designs three-dimensional, complicated instruments that are entwined in themselves to be used by several musicians.

The exhibition is a draws conceptual and ideational system made three-dimensional, with surreal, playful and interactive features. The personal thought-world of Luser is made solid in material that will be a central interactive element for exhibition visitors on account of its accoustic properties, enabling it to be experienced in a visual, auditory and tactile way.