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Martin Hoener

Martin Hoener works with various media and produces objects, paintings and photographs. 
His large-scale painting, A nightmare of Lasse and Pernille, 2006, reminds one of a summer party in a garden decorated with coloured light bulbs. The title raises the question: What can be the nightmare of Lasse and Pernille? or what can be the nightmare depicted in the painting? Is it a nightmare of a painting as painting – the dripping down of paint – or a personal nightmare such as no guests coming to the party?
Hinten und Vorne (Back and Front), 2004, is an act of bringing together non-linear aspects in the form of two images. The two photographs hung next to each other display the backside and frontside respectively of the same book. What is impossible in three dimensions is made possible through their projection onto a two-dimensional surface. This gets another twist when one knows that the images depict the front and back cover of the edition of the legendary book by Brian O’Doherty “Inside the White Cube” published by Merve Verlag, from which Hoener has removed the text.
Hoener’s work entitled Box, 2002, is a white box made of wood in the shape of a loudspeaker. The colour of white abstracts the object from what it resembles and the material used mismatches the functionality that its image requires. The three-dimensional image of a loudspeaker is actually not a loudspeaker. This gesture of producing an artwork refers to the surrealist objects where the object is still the object, but its functionality is erased and it is abstracted from its usefulness.
Am Rand der Peripherie, 2007, is an installation indicating something that has not-yet-happened. The light bulbs apparently put up for a party, are hanging on the wall, and a small glass located nearby is reflecting their colours. The colours on the glass plate make it resemble a palette for a painting that is in progress. The whole installation refers to events that did not start or end, but are about to start, and for which the preparations are not finalised.