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Interview with Yva Jung

The interview has been published in Yva Jung’s exhibition catalogue on the occasion of her solo show at KCCUK.

Fatos Ustek: Would you perhaps start describing what were your intentions in bringing such an exhibition together? The way in which you have included new works with existing worksin the form of a group show of your various productions within one solo manifestation. Can we start with what was the thought process forthis exhibition?

Yva Jung: The primary idea for choosing the works for the show was how to compose an exhibition, not as a collection of the works that I have made before but more, how to treat the exhibition as a work. So when I thought about the works that could be included in the show and also the order of the works and the space between works, I was thinking about them as one piece, rather than a collection or jumble of pieces. Because this is my first solo show and because my works were made in different places, it was really important to bring these fragmented pieces into one narrative.

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