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Nowiswere, January 2008 – January 2012

Nowiswere, Contemporary Art Magazine, initiated in January 2008 situates itself as a base for artists, writers, curators, architects, theorists and art practitioners to present and discuss individual perspectives on the present moment. For the past years Nowiswere has invited international contributors from various fields of the arts to reflect upon their current interests and production, as well as that of another, through texts and visuals.
Nowiswere, published every four months, refers to the precise moment of ‘now’, its singular presence, and its multiple sets of associations. That is to say, whenever we produce an awareness of the ‘now’, whenever we pause and feel the ‘now’, that ‘now’, in its immediate relation to time, belongs to a certain past. Nowiswere states that each ‘now’ that is taken into prolific investigation of what it produces, is a ‘now’ that allows the embodiment of criticality in its stage of becoming.

As a publication, Nowiswere aims to provide the ground for an accumulation of recent pasts given by cultural and artistic producers in their individual fields of interest. Nowiswere investigates the articulation of the present, with its concerns, joys, curiosities, creativities, excitements and its ungraspable, inexplicable nature. To us, a gathering of various positions initiates a collective ‘now’. Instead of creating thematic issues, Nowiswere produces its content by commissioning contributors. Moreover, Nowiswere investigates modes of production from being a web-based magazine and outreaching an invisible audience, hence Nowiswere takes place in exhibitions initiates events under the concept of unpublished issue.

As the founding editor of Nowiswere with Veronika Hauer I have published 10 issues and realised 2 Unpublished Issues, for four years. Nowiswere continues with Veronika Hauer on board.