Everyday to Hiatus and Back, London

Organised as part of the Contemporary Art Society’s National Network:

Istanbul – Part 2
Everyday to Hiatus and Back
Reflection on ‘What Keeps Mankind Alive’

Discussion Wednesday 30 September, 3pm to 5pm
ICA, The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH

Fatos Ustek in conversation Michelle Cotton.
Fatos Ustek is an independent curator and art critic.  She currently lives and works in London. Michelle Cotton is currently the Curatorial Fellow at Cubitt, and recently led the Scottish Arts Council’s artist and curator trip to Istanbul.

The discussion will focus on their own interpretation of the 11th Istanbul Biennial and consider its relationship to other biennials. The majority of artists included in What Keeps Mankind Alive are from the south east European region, what therefore is the dialogue within the region that will emerge and what will the legacy be for the cultural ecology of Istanbul, the broader region and the relationships with western Europe.

Many UK curators attended the opening events of What Keeps Mankind Alive, the majority of these were part of a guided group. If not in Istanbul this year many will have experienced the guided tour to other destinations.

The discussion will focus on what is learned through such tours and what lasting networks are achieved. Do we have responsibility to filter the information back into our organisations or is it enough to focus on our own professional development?

What are the best models that will enable individuals and organisations to develop sustainable international links and relationships. Is the ‘tour’ the right format to achieve the aims of the investment ? How will we apply this research? Should there be other models for curators to develop their skills and support the programmes that they are developing for their audiences?

In the current financial climate it is increasingly difficulty to win the argument for the importance of national and international travel and research, particularly in the museum sector. This discussion is an opportunity to consider how we articulate the benefits of international research.

From the start we will invite participants to contribute their thoughts and experience to the discussion.