DRAF Appoints Fatos Ustek as Director

DRAF welcomes Fatoş Üstek as Director to lead new UK-wide contemporary art programme

“We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Fatoş Üstek as the new Director of DRAF. Fatoş is widely respected for her vision, knowledge and flair and brings UK and international expertise to the position. She will lead DRAF into a new era, building an exciting programme to bring the Foundation to a wider audience.”David and Indre Roberts, DRAF

Since its foundation in 2007, DRAF has regularly reimagined its programme, testing new models of producing and sharing contemporary practices. The Foundation has collaborated with over 1,000 artists to produce exhibitions, commissions and performances. Following the sale of its Camden gallery space in 2017, where it welcomed over 100,000 visitors, DRAF announced plans to significantly expand its programme beyond London, with the aim of reaching new and broader audiences. The appointment of Üstek as Director is an important step towards realising this ambitious vision.

“DRAF is entering a new phase of expansion and exploration. The Foundation will generate projects across the UK, alongside its activities in London. DRAF will investigate fresh ways of supporting art and showcasing artistic positions. We will heighten the significance of collaboration and cross-learning through our programme, initiating a wide spectrum of meaningful relationships nationwide and internationally.” Fatoş Üstek, DRAF

Üstek was born in Turkey, and lives and works in London. Prior to joining DRAF, she worked internationally as an independent curator and writer. In 2017, Üstek was selected for The Evening Standard’s Progress 1000 for her original programme for Art Night, a festival of live commissions by 11 artists in public spaces across East London in collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery. In 2015, Üstek oversaw fig-2, a marathon series of 50 week-long exhibitions in ICA Studio, London. In 2014, she was Associate Curator for the 10th Gwanjiu Biennial.

In 2018, DRAF will present its first off-site partnerships within this new structure. She sees the shadows is an exhibition collaboration with MOSTYN, Llandudno, Wales’ foremost contemporary art centre. Works from the David Roberts Collection selected by Olivia Leahy (DRAF) and Adam Carr (MOSTYN) evoke alternative qualities and narratives in familiar objects. For DRAF’s eleventh Curators’ Series, London and Shanghai based curator Victor Wang 王宗孚 will present the Institute of Asian Performance Art, looking at performance movements in 1960s and 70s in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China through a focused exhibition and a series of classes at partner venues around the UK.