Configuring the Potential: A Response to Merlin James

Configuring the Potential: A Response to Merlin James, 11. July 2013, Parasol Unit Foundation, London

with Lisa Skuret and Automatic Writing Circle

For this evening of live performance, artist & writer Lisa Skuret and musical collective Automatic Writing Circle (AWC) will respond to the themes of memory, tradition and structure in the show through inter-related performances. Activating alternative readings of Merlin James’ work, Skuret engages the exhibition space through Live Diagramming (2012- ), a participatory performance concerned with reconfiguring how one reads and writes both the text accompanying an exhibition, and the experience of work within a particular setting. The performance investigates forms of knowledge that could be regarded as tangential or superseded, to co-create a new fictional force at play. Following this will be AWC’s site-located audio response; a sonic over-layering of Skuret’s performance with previous recordings taken in the premises of Parasol Unit. Working at the intersection between the visual and sonic in Skuret’s and James’ work, AWC will create extended musical structures which explore the borders with non-musical sound, mediated by a shadow-based electronic instrument.

This event is curated by London-based independent curators Louise O’Kelly and Fatos Ustek.