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Anna Bella Geiger

The exhibition includes 16 pieces by Anna Bella Geiger: Drawings from her series entitled About Art – Ideology, Equations, The Social Space of Art and Bureaucracy. Geiger works with maps of the continents and cosmological charts as her material and language, and mathematics as her apparatus. The term auto-morphic cartography can be applied to Geiger’s art production – she produces the content of her works through applying basic mathematical operations to the field of mapping. The aesthetic developments in 1970s art production lead to a growing awareness of the political positioning of the artist and the artwork. This development, which was associated with a questioning of language and its norms, is very present in her works. Language as an incomplete body and the derivations of words leading to production of other words and meanings is a core element of the act of putting themes into schematic representations.
In her series entitled equations, she makes proposals for a new world order by juxtaposing different sources, for example mathematics with cartography, and implements a new outcome with a content of its own. The equalities and the mismatches question ‘what is existing’, ‘what could be taking place instead’ and the ‘impossible’, ‘irregular’, ‘unimaginable’. The illogical and the improbable elements in her drawings widen the viewer’s possibilities of reading the work. Moreover, repetitions of specific words are not only emphasising their meaning, but also pushing it to the limit.