A Triathlon of Continuation – Third Leg

THE triathlon entails three consecutive meetings over the course of six weeks taking place between 17:00 – 18:30 on:
September 29th,                               INTUITION – REACTION – EMOTION
October 13th,                       GESTICULATION – INDICATION – MOTION

Each meeting differs in kind while addressing the notion of duration from complementary features. During each meeting, we will explore composite dimensions in cerebral and physical immersion in the concept of time and experience.

The event Gesticulation – Indication – Motion is the Third part of the Triathlon curated and led by Fatos Ustek, a programme developed as a composite element of DURATION [26.07.2012 – 19.10.2012] curated by Rose Lejeune.
The event will Display Ideas furthered by the concepts of time and motion in quantum reality. There, juxtapositions of micro and macro scale will be at play, accompanied by a cat and theorems about elastic time.

As part of A.P.T Gallery’s newly launched Curatorial Fellowship and supported by the Arts Council England, [26.07.2012 – 19.10.2012] looks at time and process as both material and curatorial concerns.
Changing and evolving over time, the exhibition is an entity without strict borders, comprised of installations and artworks, events and programmes, some that will remain for the entirety of the project, and others that will appear only briefly.

For further Information visit duration-apt-gallery.tumblr.com/