Vision Forum, Linkopings Universitet, Sweden.

Sep 2010 – June 2013 Guest Tutor

Project1: Time Capsules and Conditions of Now – Sept 2010 – Jan 2012

With Soledad Garcia, Ole Hagen, Kaz, Jean Matthee, Vanda Playford, Lisa Skuret
‘Time capsules’ and ‘conditions of now’ are two notions that continuously oscillate on the phenomenological reception of the spatial and the relational. The former adheres to a withdrawal from continuity of events whilst falling in another realm of continuum with differing parameters, whereas the latter delves around the reception of the continuum through its defining elements such as the present moment and investigation of ‘now’ in its potentiality. In that sense the project is structured upon at first sight conflicting and gradually as eventually relevant concepts. The theoretical framework is under the influence of theories of time from quantum mechanics to meditation, from psychoanalysis to social science aiming to rearticulate the phenomenon of knowledge and its methods of presence, production, and reclaimed social and imaginary space.
The project brings together participants with diverse backgrounds and practice, who produce in the domain of visual arts, and focuses on time capsules and conditions of now, thematically evolving around the idea of allowance of creative and prolific individuals to encounter non-ordinary realities, which aim to influence their work on a relevant and discreet sense. The Vision Forum London project is composed of encounters varying in their nature and vicinity. In other words, the encounters will span the social and the personal through involvements in differing conditions of one’s relating him/herself to the selected sites. The sites vary in their nature and presuppose a certain sense of disconnection with their outside realm. That is to say, visits to houses of currently-living or have-long-passed-away significant individuals with a cross disciplinary practice are scheduled and positioned as the time capsules; whereas the conditions of now will be provoked on the sites of encounter. These visits will be preceded by a retreat to a town outside of London where participants will be part of a non-ordinary activity of silent togetherness whilst the personal space will be the site of encounter within the presence and the togetherness of the group. The accumulation of these activities are in the domain of the discreet and invisible influence in the sense in which the participants will not be asked to produce anything out of or directly relating to the former encounters in the means of translation. These unconventional encounters deal with the domain of creative and influential while looking away from the conventional context of artistic and creative production. In that sense the project is an irregularity with its un-utilized nature and focuses on, as well as supports the expansion of borders in thinking, doing and making. Nonetheless, the project means to deliver a variety of outcomes as new works in artistic, curatorial and authorial terms depending on the practice of the participants.

August 2010 – Two books are posted to the addresses of the participants (fiction & non-fiction)
Requiem A Hallucination by Antonio Tabucchi
End of Time Next Revolution in the Universe by Julian Barbour
23 September – Table Soccer Tournament (First meeting of the group)
16 October 2010 – Sir Soane Museum (encounter responsibility Ole) + Dinner (Ole & Lisa individual presentations)

21 October 2010 – Freud Museum (encounter responsibility Jean)+ Dinner (Jean & Kaz individual presentations)

13 November 2010 – T.S.Eliot (encounter responsibility Vanda) + Dinner (Vanda individual presentation)

03-05. January – Introduction to Shamanism, Shamanic Workshop led by Zoe Bran

17 April 2011 – E. Swedenborg (encounter responsibility Lisa) + Dinner (Fatos & Soledad individual presentations)

19-30 April 2011 – Vipassana Retreat (encounter responsibility to:Kaz, from: Fatos)

21 May 2011 – Gardening with Julian Barbour

June 2011 – December 2011 – Production of the Publication and the Exhibition

5-12 January – Exhibition and Publication Launch @ David Roberts Foundation, London


Project II: Sept 2012 – June 2013
Initiated and Led by Anna Gritz and Fatos Ustek

Participants: John Cussans, Karen Kihlberg, Reuben Henry, Sidesel Meineche Hansen, Aura Satz, Ian Wittlesea

Excerpt and Schedule TBA